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Welcome to watch Canada vs. Russia live stream semifinal match of world junior championship 2021. In the first semifinal of the night, it’s a rematch of last year’s gold-medal game that saw the Canadians score three unanswered goals to come back and beat the Russians. On Monday, the stakes are high once again as the winner plays for gold and the loser can either win bronze or nothing at all.


How to watch Canada vs. Russia Semifinal WJC 2021


Date: Monday, Jan. 4 Time: 6 p.m. ET TV channel (Canada): TSN Live stream (Canada): TSN Live TV channel (USA): NHL Network Watch: Click Here



Full schedule for the 2021 World Junior Championship


(All times Eastern) MONDAY, JAN. 4 SF: Canada vs. Russia 6 p.m. TSN, NHLN SF: USA vs. Finland 9:30 p.m. TSN, NHLN TUESDAY, JAN. 5 Bronze-medal game 5:30 p.m. TSN, NHLN Gold-medal game 9:30 p.m. TSN, NHLN


Who has won the IIHF World Junior Championships in the last 10 years?


Year Winner Host country 2020 Canada Czech Republic 2019 Finland Canada 2018 Canada United States 2017 United States Canada 2016 Finland Finland 2015 Canada Canada 2014 Finland Sweden 2013 United States Russia 2012 Sweden Canada 2011 Russia United States


Which countries have won the most medals at the World Junior Championship?


Country Gold Silver Bronze Total Canada 18 9 5 32 Russia* 13 13 11 37 Finland 5 4 6 15 United States 4 2 6 12 Sweden 2 11 6 19 Czech RC 2 5 7 14 Slovakia 0 0 2 2 Switzerland 0 0 1 1



How to watch Canada vs Russia live stream online Free?


If you are enquiring about various options to watch the Germans take on the Finnish in the IIHF World Juniors Championship 2021, then you are not short of options. The options galore consist of the following.


Joined by Buffalo Sabres second-rounder John-Jason Peterka up front, Stuetzle and the Germans look to take the next step forward and reach the quarterfinals to avoid the relegation round. One of Russia’s biggest obstacles is COVID-19. After eight players tested positive prior to the tournament, they were unable to play a pre-competition game due to quarantine.


Official broadcasting networks Watching without cable on live tv streaming services Using social media to watch the matches Watching on smartphones or mobile devices.



How to watch Canada vs Russia live online using official broadcasting networks?


In 2021, the official broadcasting networks for the IIHF 2021 World Junior Championships are NHL Network for the US fans and TSN and TSN Direct for the people in Canada.


How to watch Canada vs Russia live in the USA?


Buying the NHL Network’s All-Access pass will grant you all the ease and flexibility to enjoy live action from Canada vs Russia match in the IIHF World Juniors 2021 Championship. You can choose between the season’s pass valued at 144.99 USD and the monthly pass valued at 24.99 USD.


How to watch Canada vs Russia live in Canada?


Sign up at and press on Subscribe! Voila! You are done. The monthly subscription package for TSN and TSN Direct costs 19.99 CAD whereas the 6-month prepaid plan costs 99.95 CAD. Pay up and get hooked to scintillating hockey encounters this season!


How to watch Canada vs Russia live without cable?


If you are planning to cut the cord, there are a wide range of options available as well. Sling TV: More than 30 awesome sports and entertainment options at just 25 USD monthly basic package is definitely something you should try out! Moreover, the 7-day free trial period is a lucrative offer one can’t deny!


PS Vue: Though a little high in the pricing segment at 49.99 USD per month, PS Vue offers you more than 45 HD channels for all the sports and entertainment enthusiasts to gorge on. The 5-day free trial period is also worth a catch!


fuboTV: The 59.99 USD basic package allows you to watch more than 100 HD channels in great detail and enable you to stream them simultaneously across two devices. If you are paying 64.99 USD per month, the number increases to 109 channels monthly and you can stream them simultaneously across three devices.


Hulu with Live TV: It is steadily growing in both popularity and demand because of its reasonable 35 USD basic package that allows you to view a number of rich media and entertainment channels in vivid detail.


Youtube TV: One of the best options for people all around the world, the wide range of choices for sporting and entertainment channels that you get for a basic 45 USD package is simply mind-blowing!



How to watch Canada vs Russia live using social media?


Social media platforms are quickly replacing official broadcasting channels and TV-streaming services as cheaper alternatives to watch your favorite sports and media.


Facebook: This social media platform has numerous official groups and communities, even those of IIHF, where you can easily watch your favorite matches, including Canada vs Russia. Twitter: The hashtags are an awesome feature that will enable you to watch the best matches of the IIHF World Junior championships including Canada vs Russia. Reddit: It is an amazing news aggregation site that enables you to watch the best of live sports and entertainment media through subreddits for absolutely zero cost.


How to watch Canada vs Russia live using a VPN?


If you are a victim of geo-restrictions in your area, you need to override the problem by downloading and using the services of premium VPN service providers like NordVPN and ExpressVPN.


How to watch Canada vs Russia live using smartphones?


Simply log on to the official site, through your smartphone or mobile device and enjoy non-stop action from Canada vs Russia match live!


How to watch the 2021 Canada vs Russia Ice Hockey World Junior Championships live streaming through official broadcasting channels?


The most traditional way to watch the global hockey extravaganza of the Canada vs Russia World Juniors is to subscribe to the official broadcasting channels. NHL Network is the most important broadcaster and every Juniors game will be aired live on the NHL and TSN networks. The following list contains the names of the most important official broadcasters along with their respective nations.


USA- NHL Network


Canada- TSN and TSN Direct.



Watching in the USA:


If you are an enthusiastic US national that needs to watch the Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021, you need to subscribe to the All-Access Pass of the NHL Network. It will enable you to watch every single game on NHL TV. the entire season’s pass comes at 144.99 USD whereas the monthly pass is available for just 24.99 USD.


Watching in Canada:


Getting a subscription to TSN Direct is easy for all the hockey-enthusiasts based in Canada. You simply need to visit and click on subscribe. Once you sign up with your credentials, you need to pay a monthly charge of 19.99 CAD. You also have the flexibility of signing up for a prepaid plan for six months of sporting action for just 99.95 CAD. The biggest catch is that the subscription auto-renews and you can cancel according to your wishes! Getting access to TSN and TSN Direct will help you to watch the entire Canada vs Russia World Juniors from the comfort of your homes.


How to watch the 2021 Canada vs Russia World Juniors on mobile phones?


You simply need to log in the Canada vs Russia Youtube Channel on your smartphone and without any extra hassle, you will be able to catch the non-stop action from the ice-hockey rinks this winter!


How to watch the Canada vs Russia World Junior Championships live using VPNs?


If your area is geo-restricted and you are disappointed since you will miss out on the premier hockey action, do not fret! We have a solution for you. Download some of the premium VPN service providers like NordVPN or ExpressVPN and mask your IP address. In this way, you can override the geo-restriction and watch the 2021 Canada vs Russia World Junior Championship without any problems!


As and when we are entering round 1 of the Canada vs Russia playoffs, fans and team players are equally excited. Of course, we saw a stunning round one of the Canada vs Russia World Juniors where each team showed their sheer class and excellence. This time, it’s time for round 2 and online fans must be willing to find ways to watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 live stream online.


Coming down towards the structure of this great hockey event, it consists of two groups where each group consists of 8 teams. Every team will play the other team in his group where each team will play a total of 7 games.


Again, the top four teams from each group will qualify for the knockout stages and the bottom two teams take their way towards Canada vs Russia Division 1.


As for the Hockey fans, they must have brought their tickets. But, the world is huge and millions of online hockey fans must be waiting for this mega event to take place.


Therefore, let’s come along as we will show you the following ways to watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 live stream online: Official Broadcast Channels Watch Without Cable Watch Using Social Media Using VPN Watching Using Mobile


Best Ways to Watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 live stream


Bringing to you the best ways for watching the entire Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021, we have done immense research in this case. We have brought the free along with paid services which can give you the chance for distinguishing and choosing the best one.


Given below are the best possible ways to watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 live stream.


Official Broadcasters for Canada vs Russia World Championship


Of course, bringing to you the official broadcasters of Canada vs Russia event, these are the most traditional ways of watching the hockey event.


We have jotted down the most important broadcaster names along with country names so that you won’t find any issue, whatsoever. Belarus: Belarus TV Croatia: Arena Sport Bosnia & Herzegovina: Arena Sport Czech Republic: AMC Sport 1 Hungary: AMC Sport 1 Ireland: Premier Sports Kazakhstan: Qazsport Kosovo: Arena Sport Lithuania: LRT Montenegro: Arena Sport North Macedonia: Arena Sport Poland: TVP Serbia: Arena Sport Slovakia: AMC Sport 1 Slovenia: RTV Slovenia & Sport TV United Kingdom: Premier Sports


Visualizing the official broadcasters from a distance, you will see that the Arena Sports is the major broadcaster. It delivering transmission to various countries and seems to have partnered with the IIF committee.


Now, let’s move ahead and unwrap the best and possible ways to watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 live stream without cable.


More Ways to Watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 live stream without Cable


So, if you don’t have a cable connection and still like watching the Canada vs Russia World Juniors, you can opt for different online services. Yes, the services may consume subscription charges but the video quality they deliver is above par.


Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s go through each and every services/channel for watching Canada vs Russia World Juniors online.


Sling TV


Talking about one of the cheapest and best streaming services will bring the Sling TV into the limelight. Yes, over the years, the company is delivering streaming packages where the basic package starts from $25 per month.


With the basic package, you get around 30+ channels and each channel offers high definition video quality. Also, you can even choose from other subscription plans of Sling TV whereas the price is kept to the lowest extent.


Additionally, Sling TV even offers a massive 7-Days free trial period. During the trial period, you can test their service and if things fall into place, purchase the package and watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 live stream, cord cutter way.


PlayStation Vue


Despite offering slightly higher pricing plans, PlayStation Vue delivers quality in each of their packages. Their package pricing starts from $45 per month where you can access to around 45 HD quality channels.


Also, the company even offers an exclusive VOD functionality if you can slightly increase your budget. Even more, if you are not willing to pay beforehand, PlayStation Vue delivers a 5-Days free trial.


During the free period, test each and everything about the PlayStation Vue, video quality along with essential features. Lastly, if you are satisfied by their servicing and video quality, you can go ahead and opt for their premium paid plans


Fubo TV


Willing to watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 live stream using a pure sports streaming service? Choose Fubo TV as your savior. Indeed, the company has been offering streaming services for years and even today, they seem to be even better than yesterday.


At present, Fubo TV has raised their pricing where the starter pack comes at $54.99 per month. In the starter package, you can get tons of online news, entertainment along with sports channels.


Also, if you can pay just $5 per month extra, you can have access to the exclusive VOD service of Fubo TV.


Last but not least, like other companies, Fubo TV also offers a 7-days free trial period. Test their video quality, services, features and then opt for a premium paid plan.


Hulu TV


Currently, a not so popular streaming service, Hulu TV is busy transforming their services for better user experience. As of now, the company is offering streaming packages at $35 per month where you get some really good packages.


Also, they offer different exclusive channels along with VOD functionality. If you want to avail other features apart from just viewing, Hulu TV has got plenty of them.


Even more, with Hulu TV, all you require is a good speed internet connection along with a compatible device. After which, you can just tune in to your sports channel and watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 live stream online.


YouTube TV


Starting their journey along with Hulu TV, YouTube TV has become one of the most popular streaming services. Currently, their pricing package starts from $45 per month with which you can have access to unlimited sports and other entertainment channels.


Also, YouTube TV demands a higher speed internet connection. Therefore, make sure to have one before choosing YouTube TV’s streaming services.


Additionally, YouTube TV doesn’t offer any sort of free trial period. Therefore, you will need to research well before opting for their services. Watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 live stream Online Using Social Media


Keeping aside different online services and the official broadcasters, there is still one category which offers streaming free of cost Yes, it is 2021 and the boom of social media is growing rapidly.


Be it Facebook, Reddit, or other social media platforms, watching Canada vs Russia World Juniors wouldn’t have been much easier without social media platforms.


Therefore, let’s move ahead and unwrap the brilliant social media platforms that can help you watch the IIF World Championship.




Bringing to you the most used social media platform, you can use Facebook to stream the entire Canada vs Russia World Juniors online. With Facebook, all you require is a Facebook account and an intention to search for live streaming channels.


Indeed, there are pages and people on Facebook that must be delivering online links for watching the World IIF Championship.


Your work is simpler in this case. Go ahead, research well and you will definitely come across links that will be working and offering streaming.




Right after Facebook, Twitter is yet another platform used by over a billion people. Aside’s from tweeting on the walls of your favorite celebrities, you can use Twitter on your advantage.


On Twitter, you can find certain people or pages that are actually offering streaming links of IIF World Championship. Although, since the links will be free streaming ones, you might have to compromise on the video quality of sports matches.


Therefore, if you avail a high-speed internet connection, you can sign up for twitter account, find links and watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 live stream.




One of the most underrated social media platforms, Reddit is a must-to-have application on your Smartphone or laptop. Since it’s a free social media platform, all you require is to sign up for Reddit account and search for streaming links.


Now, the concept of Reddit is a little bit different where you will need to enter different Subreddit groups.


After which, you will see people posting different links. Opt for the best one, do trial and error and you will definitely land up with the best working link.




Finally, among the social media platforms, YouTube TV has been offering free streaming services for over a decade now.


Indeed, they offer clearer transmission where you only need a good speed internet connection and a compatible device.


On YouTube, you can search for ‘Canada vs Russia World Juniors online streaming’ and suggestions will be delivered. Also, while finding the best channel, it will consume some time but once found, you can easily watch the entire Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 live stream online. Best VPN’s to help Watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 live stream Online


If you live in regions where geo-restrictions are on the rise you may find it difficult to watch streaming of Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 streaming.


Thankfully, using VPN’s, you can bypass any level of geo-restriction and start watching the event without an issue.


Using a VPN, not only you can bypass the security metrics. But, you can also become anonymous throughout the browsing and streaming process.


Therefore, let’s come along as we are about to unwrap the best VPN’s to help you watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 live stream online.


Express VPN


Express VPN is the most used VPN all over the world where they deliver quality VPN Services. At the pricing of just $6.67 per month, you can use Express VPN to bypass even the stringent levels of security.



Also, the company offers support to various devices such as Android iOS, Roku, FireStick and much more. Therefore, either the United States or Russia, Express VPN gives you the freedom to choose the wishful server, without an issue.




Talking about the all-time famous VPN will bring the NordVPN into the limelight. Since years, NordVPN has been standing heads strong where they are delivering quality VPN services.


Coming down towards their pricing, they are offering services at $11.95 per month. Though the pricing is on the higher side, NordVPN gives all-round support. Ranging from reliability to security, you can trust NordVPN while browsing anonymously.


Even more, using NordVPN, you will not face much network issue whereas you just need a quality internet connection and a compatible device.




Coming into the list of the top 3 VPN’s is no sort of a joke. Yes, SaferVPN as a company has worked really hard to achieve such a massive platform.


Their package pricing is pretty affordable where you can avail VPN’s at just $4.99 per month. At this pricing, you can access to almost each and every feature of SaferVPN.


To watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 live stream online, you need to do simpler things. Opt for SaferVPN affordable packages, choose a particular server and start streaming the entire match, with grace and comfort.


Private VPN


Last but not least, Private VPN is yet another cost-effective way for streaming the entire IIF World Championship 2021 online. Also, the company offers great services such as reliability, security where you will not face much connection loss.


Their package plan starts from $7.62 per month where you can even test their services in the trial period.


After which, you can connect with the USA server and watch the Canada vs Russia World Juniors online with passion and happiness. Steps to Watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 live stream using a VPN


Firstly, you will have to choose any of the above VPN service providers. Make sure to research well before choosing one. Once you have signed up for any of the above VPN Service providers, connect the VPN to a nearby server that doesn’t come under geo-restrictions. In searching for the severs, you may require a prior knowledge so as to which regions are not blocking Canada vs Russia World Juniors streaming. After you have identified the same, choose respective server whereas the connection process is much simpler. Now, go straight towards the Canada vs Russia YouTube Channel using the web browser or through your Streaming YouTube application. Finally, if you have done each and every step correctly, you will have no issue for watching the Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 online. However, if you are choosing VPN’s other than the above ones, make sure that they offer multiple device support.


Watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 live stream Online on Mobile


Eager to watch the entire Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 using your Smartphone? We have got one brilliant option for you.


By opting for the Canada vs Russia YouTube Channel, all your difficulties of streaming will vanish in a second. Therefore, using the streaming YouTube application, you can watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors 2021 live stream without the need of a laptop or any bulky device.


Even more, while streaming, make sure to have a good speed internet connection where Canada vs Russia YouTube channel is perfect for streaming on Smartphones and tablets.


Canada vs Russia World Juniors fans love to watch hoops, and they’ll do whatever they can to watch the action. There are so many games on every night, so basketball aficionados can watch the action on their TV set.


However, if they don’t have the right package to watch on TV, they can take to Reddit, where Canada vs Russia World Juniors fans share how to watch the action on live streams across the internet. It’s become a very popular way to enjoy the games. Canada vs Russia World Juniors Live Streams Reddit



Here is the full live stream Reddit schedule for today’s Canada vs Russia World Juniors action.


It’s tough for everyone to watch the action at home, on their TV sets. Thanks to Reddit, though, fans have access to live stream options. One can easily catch these games on various platforms, and that’s how Canada vs Russia World Juniors games can be live streamed online — for free.


That’s why Reddit is so great, as it gives fans the ability to watch sports they wouldn’t normally be able to, with free live stream links. For that, you’ll want to check out the relevant subreddits which are listed below. How to Find Canada vs Russia World Juniors Live Stream Subreddits on Reddit


The first step to doing this is to find the relevant subreddit. It takes some time, and some searching, but eventually, you’ll figure out exactly how to do it.


First, you’ll want to log in to your Reddit account. Then visit Google, and search for something to the extent of “Canada vs Russia World Juniors Reddit Live Stream Subreddits.” Then make sure to click on the results, to be able to watch the action.


That’s not the only way to do it. The other way is to simply go on to Reddit itself. So go in to the platform, then use the search bar. In it, simply type the topic you want to search for, such as “Watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors games online.”


That will then give you a list of subreddits, which you can check out. Once you have these, you’ll start to see live streams for any game you could possibly be interested in. If you want, you can even search for a live stream for that particular game, using the team names, for a different query, to get different results.


Benefits of Canada vs Russia World Juniors Reddit Streams Live


It’s great to use Reddit to interact with a number of different users from around the world. This gives fans so many different perspectives and outlooks, to help expand their horizons.


Reddit is constantly being improved as well, given that it’s an open-source platform. New features are added all the time to help optimize the user’s experience.


Obviously, the most important benefit for sports fans is the ability to live stream sports games online. It gives resources for channels and services to watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors Reddit live streams online.


It doesn’t only have live streams, though, as fans can also check out all the Canada vs Russia World Juniors Reddit Live Stream Reddit channels here. How to Watch Canada vs Russia World Juniors Games Live Stream Online


DirecTV Now


We also have DirecTV Now on the list, where you can watch the Canada vs Russia World Juniors. The platform comes with plenty of channels we are sure you will love, and is split into seven bundles. Two of these bundles were introduced in Spring 2020, namely “plus” ($50/mo) and “max” ($70/mo), while the other five are “entertainment” ($93/mo), “choice” ($110/mo), “xtra” ($124/mo), “ultimate” ($135/mo), and “Optimo Mas” ($86/mo) have been around for a while, but they have a new name, and a new price tag that’s roughly double than it used to be.


If you want to customize your plan, you can still do that by adding two Spanish channel packs and three international packs, as well as premium networks. You’ll find that NBC and NBCSN are present in all seven bundles, so you can pick the one you like best for the channels it features or the price. On DirecTV Now, the cloud DVR features only 20 hours of video that can be stored, and there is no way to upgrade the feature. Subscribers also get to stream content to two devices at once, although a third can be added for $5 per month. Also, read the DirecTV Now review, it will give you all the details you need.




Next up, we have fuboTV, which is one of the best platforms to watch the Canada vs Russia World Juniors. It is for those who really love sports, given the high number of dedicated channels. The platform only has one bundle nowadays called fubo ($54.99/mo), but you can go for it without worrying too much, since there are dozens of channels you can get in there. There are also plenty of channel packs and premium networks you can add if you really want to have more to watch. That won’t be necessary for the Stanley Cup Finals, however, since the fubo bundle already features both NBC and NBCSN, so you’re covered.


Moreover, fuboTV subscribers are able to record any content they want, because 30 hours of cloud DVR space are included with the plan. If you want to increase the limit up to 500 hours of cloud space, you will have to pay $9.99 per month. Also, users are allowed to watch content on two devices at once, but a third can be added by paying $5.99 per month. Read our fuboTV review for more details on what the platform has to offer.


Sling TV


Next up to watch the Canada vs Russia World Juniors is Sling TV. It is a great platform that offers loads of customization options to those who seek this in service. There are three bundles you can choose from – Orange ($15/mo), Blue ($15/mo), and Orange + Blue ($25/mo), while more channel packs grouped by interest are available to purchase. Plus, there are also several premium networks you can enjoy. In the Blue and Orange + Blue bundles, you’ll find both NBCSN and NBC, so you’re good to go no matter whichever one of them you pick.


In case you want to save any of the content to watch later, Sling TV doesn’t offer any “free” cloud DVR space. Instead, you have to pay $5 per month for enough space for 50 hours of recordings. When you want to watch any content with your whole family, Sling TV has some of the best multiscreen streaming capabilities. Blue subscribers, for example, can stream any content up to three devices at the same time. While Orange + Blue subscribers can stream to four devices simultaneously. Read our Sling TV review for more info.


Hulu Live Package


Another platform on our list to watch the Canada vs Russia World Juniors is Hulu. It is best known for the video-on-demand service it offers. For some time now, they are also offering a live TV plan that costs $44.99 per month. You can customize it by adding any of the two-channel packs or the premium channels. The bundle of channels that Hulu offers also includes NBCSN and NBC, so you can also watch all the Stanley Cup games.


Users of Hulu can also record content up to 50 hours of video to the cloud, and up to 200 hours of space can be upgraded at any point in time. The price is roughly $14.99 per month. Live TV subscribers also have the privilege to watch the content on two devices simultaneously. The “Unlimited Screens” feature which costs $14.99 per month gives users unlimited multiscreen streaming when on the home network, and a limit of three devices when out and about. Read our Hulu review for more information on what the platform has to offer.


The venue of the 2021 Canada vs Russia World Junior Championships:


The 2021 Canada vs Russia World Junior Championships are going to be held in Edmonton, Alta. Though initially the entire event was scheduled for Edmonton and Red Deer, Alta, the Hockey Canada administration felt the need of a secure bubble in the times of COVID pandemic and thus sealed the entire tournament to be happening in Edmonton. All the games will be held in a single rink at Rogers Place.


Time of the 2021 Canada vs Russia World Junior Championships:


The entire tournament will start on Christmas Day with a tripleheader. The first seven days of the competition will witness the entire group stage having five teams each. The group stage will terminate on New Year’s Eve. The quarter-finals will initiate on January 2nd and the semifinals on January 4th. The bronze and gold-medal games are going to take place on January 5th, Sunday.


Effect of the pandemic on the 2021 Canada vs Russia World Junior Championships:


The pandemic has created a severe stir on the 2021 World Junior Championships like it has done to the entire sporting community all across the world. Every sport has felt the impact and until some time back, we, the fans were unsure if we would ever get back to witness sports under normal conditions.


While the entire tournament has been shifted to a secure bubble in Edmonton, Canada, the hosts suffered severe blows with the positive cases that impacted their selection. After 14 days of mandatory quarantine, Canada finally zeroed in on their team for the tournament whereas USA, Austria, Sweden, Russia and Russia have been devastated as well by losing some in-form critical players of their squad owing to the viral pandemic.


The blog we have pulled out for you today mainly deals on the way you can stream the Canada vs Russia live online. It also emphasizes on how a viewer can watch it with the links provided on Reddit. Apart from that, there are a good number of cable networks to broadcast the Ice Hockey World Championship to their viewers worldwide. Also, a viewer can get hold of a cord cutter service provider in line to stream the matches live online. As part of good news, all the games from the world championship will also have their fair share of live streaming on the official YouTube channel of Ice Hockey World Championship.


How to watch it on Reddit?


Reddit is the place for an ice hockey fan during the world championship to be. Reddit like always has been an incredible way of acquiring working links for live streaming premium sporting content from across the world. The case will be nothing different during the Ice Hockey World Championship as for a viewer a simple search in Reddit with the match he/she is looking forward to stream will leave a result of various working links to live stream the same game. Above all, a viewer who wishes to watch it with the links available at Reddit gets to live stream the match for FREE. Just invest some time searching for the right subreddits and follow the thread. It will be a one time effort but will surely be worth it.


Other Options to Watch the Canada vs Russia World Championship


Being the World Championship of Ice Hockey, the federation has made sure that there shouldn’t be a single country who misses out on such a prestigious tournament of Ice Hockey, hence the options available to live the Canada vs Russia World Juniors Ice Hockey Championships 2021 are endless, and here are some of them:


The first name that strikes an ice hockey fan when someone talks about live streaming the Canada vs Russia live online is unquestionably the NHL Networks., in this case, is the most brilliant way a fan and a viewer of ice hockey can enjoy watching the world championship live. Moreover, the subscription charge to watch it on the NHL Network is also the cheapest in comparison to the others. With just 9.99$ a viewer gets all access to premium live streaming content in the network along with the Canada vs Russia World Juniors Ice Hockey Championships 2021.




Another official broadcaster to stream the Canada vs Russia World Juniors Ice Hockey Championships 2021 live online will be the Canada based sports specialty service TSN. Apart from Canada, TSN is also available in a lot of other countries now. The live streaming at TSN will be in two ways. A subscriber can either go for a day streaming pass at 4.99% or go for the monthly subscription plan at 19.99$.


YouTube Official Canada vs Russia Channel


The best place to watch all the live actions from Canada vs Russia World Juniors Ice Hockey Championships 2021 this year will be in their official YouTube channel (Canada vs Russia Worlds 2019). As special brownie points, a viewer gets to watch all the games from the tournament in Full HD at YouTube, and he/she gets to enjoy all these for FREE.



Where is the 2021 World Junior Championship?


The 2021 World Junior Championship will take place in Edmonton, Alta.


This year’s tournament originally was scheduled to be held in Edmonton and Red Deer, Alta., but the need for a secure bubble led Hockey Canada to move the entire event to where the NHL played summer hockey. The WJC is set to hit the ice in both cities, with fans — fingers crossed — in 2022.


This year marks the third time Edmonton will host World Juniors games. In 1995, Canada topped the podium; in 2012, Sweden won and the Canadians finished third in Alberta’s capital. When will the 2021 World Junior Championship take place?


Because teams are playing on just one rink at Rogers Place, this year’s tournament includes an extra day of competition. The tournament will begin Christmas Day with a tripleheader.


The group stage, with two groups of five teams each, will span the first seven days of competition and end on New Year’s Eve. The eight surviving teams will have New Year’s Day off before returning to action for the quarterfinals on Jan. 2. The winners of those games will advance to the semifinals two days later. The bronze-medal and gold-medal games will take place Sunday, Jan. 5.

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