Facebook Workplace reaches 7 million paying subscribers

Facebook announced on Tuesday that Workplace enterprise communications software has reached 7 million paying subscribers, up 40% from 5 million in May last year.

Workplace is enterprise software that companies can use as an internal social network to communicate with their employees. Launched in 2016, the service counts companies such as Spotify and Starbucks as clients.

The workplace is well behind its top rivals. Last month, Microsoft announced that the number of active users of Teams products per day exceeded 145 million, an increase of more than 93% from 75 million in April 2020. The company announced that the number of paying customers increased by nearly 42% from 110,000 in March 2020 to 156,000 in March 2021 when the statistics were last reported.

It’s also not very important to the company’s performance. Facebook hasn’t analyzed how much Workplace contributes to revenue, but the service, along with Oculus and Portal hardware devices, counts as an “other” business label in financial results. During the first quarter of 2021, “Other” accounted for about 2.8% of Facebook’s revenue, with the rest all coming from advertising.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post on Tuesday, “We built the workplace as an internal version of Facebook to run our company. It was so convenient that other organizations I started using it too. “

Julien Codorniou, vice president of the workplace, told CNBC that democratizing business IT software to billions of Facebook users was his unit’s ambition. The idea is to do this by building a service that uses the same features that people are already familiar with in Facebook’s consumer apps.

“Many people have never had access to IT because it was too complex or too expensive,” Codorniou said. “You can take my mom to work and she will soon figure out how to use it.”

Facebook also announced many new features in Workplace on Tuesday. It has a variety of new versatility features, including a new live Q & A experience, integration with Microsoft 365 and Google’s GSuite calendar app, different emoji skin tones, and the ability for users to show their colleagues how to pronounce correctly. included. given names.

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