How VERIFY Fights False Information |

Finding incorrect information can be difficult. That’s why VERIFY is here.

Finding incorrect information can be difficult.People from social media to websites, and range Of the news outlet. Some of those sources are reporting the truth. However, some people report incorrect information, whether intentionally or because they do not know how to investigate the source. That is our turn.

We are verifying.We are a team of trained journalists Identify Virus claims and reportsInformation is Is it right or wrong? we take Fact-based approach to research storys to be able to clearly show what is what correct, No spin..

VERIFY is available on multiple digital platforms. Including, Our daily Newsletter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Snapchat And Via text message By: 202-410-8808.

How can I fact check a claim?

1. Use more than one Primary source

VERIFY provides at least two primary sources, Claim True or false. The primary source is one that is as close to the original as possible. This means using documents such as government reports and statements from direct stakeholders. story, And interviews with experts. I’m not using any other media as a source. When someone shares a VERIFY story, they can be confident that the report is accurate because there are multiple main sources of factual support.

There is Lots of cOn tent It floats daily on social media, websites and TV stations.We don’t work on everythingThing.. we Verification ClaimGain traction again.. Also consider how the complaint affects people’s lives. We want the audience to have the best and most accurate information so that they can make wise and informed decisions.

3. We will answer Your question

I want you to write us whenever you see What you want to check.. You can do it Please contact us if you are on you Phone, tablet or computer.

  • Please send us a text message at 202-410-8808
  • Send us an email with Question @
  • Go to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram social media account and tag @verifythis or #verifythis
  • Visit our website
  • Alternatively, use the form below.

How VERIFY Fights False Information |

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