Police Association-backed candidates voted in the Dallas Council open race, and most incumbents were re-elected

On Saturday, five candidates approved by the Dallas Police Department (DPA) to the Dallas City Council either won the race or proceeded to the final vote. It was also a good night for the incumbents of the city council. They all have the opportunity to be reelected or to retain their seats in the final vote.

In a race over the seats representing District 11 Self-aware conservative And DPA approval Candidate Barry Welnick wins multiple votes and proceeds to the final vote with Janie Schultz. Welnick received 38% of the ballot and Schultz was right behind him at 36%.by Informal total, Wernick had only 149 more votes than Schultz.

Wenick thanked his supporters for the vacancy of retiring city councilman Lee Kleinman, saying, “I’ll send you a message for another month and give people a chance to move Dallas in the right direction. “I’m looking forward to getting it.”

“I am grateful for the support I received from the people in our district. It resonates with my message and how my opponents are not in contact with the components. “It shows,” Wernick wrote in an email: Texan..

“That’s why people don’t want the same thing more. We’re looking for new leadership. Dallas Morning News And Janie Schultz publicly endorsed the two proposals [75 percent] We voted against the people in our district. My campaign was against both proposals. “

Welnick proposed Proposal A to “eliminate the requirement that members of the board or committee created by the City Charter be registered or voters” and “members of the civil service committee are voters. I’m a citizen. “Each proposal was defeated by about two-thirds of the voters who voted against it.

Schultz Thank her supporters In social media posts.

“I would like to thank everyone who helped me in the process of preparing for Round 2,” Schultz wrote. “I will continue to carry out positive campaigns based on issues to improve our quality of life and the motivation of our community. We have come a long way, but we should do it. There are still many things. “

After suggesting that the Dallas people have in January “Addiction” to calling the police, Councilor Carolinking Arnold will not be able to win a complete reelection and will instead face challenger Maxi Johnson in the final vote. Arnold received 47% of the votes and Johnson received 37% of the votes.

Councilor Paula Blackmon easily defeated challengers Judy Kumar and John Botefour after a fierce race. Including controversy Over support of the Blackmon Ordinance Removed some funds From the Dallas Police Department. Blackmon won 63 percent of the votes, compared to 17 percent of Botefur and 20 percent of Kumar.

Councilor Cara Mendelsohn, who cruised for another term, defeated challenger Elva Curl, who won 81% of the votes and only 19%. DPA was in favor of Mendelson. Police funding supporters And Pushed back When the council first began responding to the call to “refund the police.”

With just 114 votes, District 13’s DPA choice, Leland Burk, will advance to the final vote with Gay Donnell Willis. Burke won multiples with 43% of the ballots and Willis chased him with 42%. Candidates are running for seats representing District 13, which has been vacated by Councilor Jennifer Gates.

In District 2, DPA-approved Sana Syed finishes in second place with a quarter of the votes and advances to the final vote with Jesse Moreno, who won 39% of the ballot. The district is now represented by city council member Adam Medrano.

Beyond his challenger, DPA-backed District 10 councilor Adam McGough won 91 percent of the votes for Cyrano Keith Valdeo’s 9 percent.

Incumbents David Drewett and Adam Bazaldua have survived the election, but now they have to compete in the final vote.

Bazardua won 39% of the votes in a crowded race and was the first of eight candidates to finish. Kevin Felder, who won 15% of the votes, also qualified for the final vote.

Blewett finished second only to Paul Ridley, receiving only 32% of Ridley’s 46%. The third candidate, Elizabeth Vinnie, won less than a quarter of the vote.

Council members Chad West, Casey Thomas II, Jaimelesendes, Omar Narvaez and Tenel Atkins also won the reelection. West and Resendez barely avoided the run-off with 52% of the votes in each race. Narvaez won his contest with 56%. Atkins won almost three-quarters of the vote, and Thomas claimed to win 82 percent.

Kleinman, Gates and Medrano could not run for reelection due to term restrictions.

Police Association-backed candidates voted in the Dallas Council open race, and most incumbents were re-elected

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