When will the IRS send an unemployment tax refund?

Millions of Americans who filed taxes for 2020 before the COVID bailout bill was passed are the amount to be paid if they were unemployed last year.

The Internal Revenue Service plans to begin reimbursing taxable unemployment benefits due to the COVID-19 pandemic this month. The first Americans to expect payment are those who have filed a tax return for a single person or a married person who has submitted them separately.

Who is getting these refunds? An American who was unemployed in 2020 but filed taxes before the March 11 US rescue plan was passed. The bill exempts individuals from the first $ 10,200 tax, including individuals who are married but file individually. It allows $ 20,400 for couples to submit jointly. Forgiveness is for taxpayers with income of less than $ 150,000.

When the bailout bill was passed, the tax filing season was open for about a month. By that time, however, millions of taxpayers had already filed tax returns, including taxes on unemployment benefits.

The IRS said in a statement on March 31 that it would recalculate revenue in two stages. The first phase is for those who are eligible for the $ 10,200 exemption. Then adjust the earnings of those who are married but jointly apply and are eligible for the $ 20,400 exemption. The second stage also looks at people who are filing more complex tax returns.

The IRS states that those who have already filed a tax return do not need to file an amended tax return unless the taxpayer is eligible for additional federal credit or deductions due to the recalculation.

The IRS said payments would start in March and last until summer, but no specific date is given for the start date.

Taxpayers are also advised to look at the state tax return to see if they are also eligible for a refund.

Most Americans who filed after the bill was passed probably have already received the amount allowed.

When will the IRS send an unemployment tax refund?

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